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Skateboard safety may not be the most exciting subject to look at in the skateboard field, but it is the darn most important. I know a lot of skateboarders get into the sport cos its extreme and wild, it gives you an adrenaline kick like no other and it gives you complete freedom when you are out there on the board.

But skateboard safety is mega important exactly for this reason. Skateboarding gives you that adrenaline rush as you can be right on the edge at times, and it is because you are right on the edge that you at great risk of seriously hurting yourself. And some injuries you just do not recover from, like a sickening crack to the back of your head.

You can still feel free and wild and uninhibited while following simple safety procedures. It really is the dumbest thing not to. Skateboarders are on concrete most of the time, and that stuff does not give an inch when you hit it! Also you are leaving terra firma quite a bit of the time, and if you don't land right then man it hurts.

So please follow some simple skateboard safety rules to keep yourself fit and healthy and in top notch form.
First and foremost, wear a helmet and buckle it too. It ain't no use if you go flying through the air and your helmet flies off in an alternative direction! Also, wrist braces will stop you breaking your wrist or arm when you fall and put your hands out. A little note here, when you fall try to turn your body and roll over on your shoulder instead of throwing your arms out and making a mess of them.

Wear knee pads, especially when you are ramp or vert skating. Elbow pads ditto. And then there is the cup! It may not seem cool, but nobody knows its there, and if you do want babies in later life I figure its a good idea! Also guys, the pain really is intense down there when you get caught, I am sure I dont really need to tell you that.

So there we are with skateboard safety. Heed the words, take care and enjoy!

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Skateboard Safety

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This article was published on 2010/03/31