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The Occupational Safety and Health Agency, more commonly known as OSHA, has placed strict requirements on the necessity for protection against accidents in the work place. One way that they do so with the requirement of a fall safety harness being worn when working 4 to 5 feet or higher off the ground. This equipment is beneficial to a number of occupations, namely construction and other jobs that work high in the air on a regular basis. This protective device has known to save lives and prevent serious injury.

Safety harnesses that are made to prevent you from hurting yourself in a fall come with three different parts: the harness, the lanyard, and the anchor point. There are four classes of harnesses, and the choice will depend on the worker's safety needs. The first class is a more basic harness that may be used when a small amount of support is needed. In these cases, there is not much of a falling risk, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

A fall safety harness that falls in the second class involves a chest device that secures to the entire upper body. It is usually used in cases where the worker is going to be lowered into a building or other enclosure and then be removed at a low speed. The third class is more of a full body safety harness that includes straps for both the upper and lower torso. This is usually to protect against more dangerous falls from heights of 25 feet or higher. The last class of safety harnesses is a bit of a catch all. It involves belts similar to those from class one, but are offer more protection for working in difficult areas or those where you will need to be lowered into an unsafe environment.

The lanyards used along with a fall safety harness are the ropes that connect the harness to the anchor point. There are several different materials used to create these lanyards. They each offer a different degree of strength and flexibility. This extent to which you will need these two factors will depend on the job you are doing. Choosing the right material is important to avoid injury or death.

As you can see, there are a number of fall safety harnesses to choose from. It is required that you wear one of these harnesses when working very far off the ground. Most jobs require a harness if you are 4 foot above ground, those construction workers are allowed to go an extra foot before a harness is required. It is also important that you learn about the different classes of harnesses that are offered, and select the one that will be protect you in your job situation.
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Fall Safety Harness

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This article was published on 2010/12/03