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Unlike in previous centuries, safety is a vital concern in the workplace. Today's materials handling equipment manufacturers build safety into all the products they produce and workplace safety is overseen by OSHA. Nonetheless, when heavy equipment and hazardous goods are being handled, you still have to think about potential hazards. To reduce hazards in the workplace, it is important to take extra steps and use the best safety equipment and accessories available.

Everybody has seen dramatic footage of warehouse fires on the evening news. When investigators find the source of the fire, it is often caused by a leaking gas cylinder that is accidentally ignited. All that it takes to avoid materials handling tragedies like this is proper care and handling of cylinders and using the right cylinder storage systems.

Warehouses and factories commonly use one or more of three common types of cylinder containers. A wall mounted device is the cheapest of the three. It is simply a strapping device that can be mounted to a wall. It takes seconds to secure a cylinder firmly using one of these and you can detach it just as quickly.

If you need to store many gas cylinders and access them easily, then consider getting a cylinder locker made of aluminum and aluminum mesh. These come in several sizes and types. Some are made for holding upright containers and others are designed for housing cylinders on their sides. In both cases, the cylinders are locked safely away until ready for use. Because the aluminum cannot create sparks, t poses no danger of accidental combustion.

A good way to both store cylinders when not in use and transport them when you need them is with a cylinder pallet rack designed for forklift handling. This maximizes materials handling safety in two important respects. The cylinders do not need to be lifted and carried manually. This increases safety when they are being transported. Secondly, they provide secure storage when they are not being moved.

Even when left upright and liquids are hand pumped out of them, minor spillage is a common problem with 55 gallon drums. This spillage is not only unsightly, it can be dangerous. Most drums hold flammable liquids that can easily ignite if exposed. Any oily substance that lies puddled on the floor can cause an accident. Spill trays and drum containment basins are a cheap way to handle these minor materials handling spillage problems.

A drum workstation is the perfect solution to spillage in a work environment where flammable liquids are regularly removed from drums. These inexpensive units can house as many as eight 55 gallon drums. Workers can load the drums onto the platform using a hand truck. With a sixty gallon capacity sump tank and a floor that can support up to 8,000 lbs of weight, these will handle even demanding workloads.

These examples are only a sampling of the many inexpensive products available that can greatly increase safety and efficiency in materials handling. Giving drums and cylinders a little extra care pays big dividends in the workplace.

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Cylinder and Drum Materials Handling Safety Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/12/02